Welcome to Sneaker Logic!

We are a sneaker cleaner company who are passionate about shoes and streetwear. We (co-owners Shayne and Shaun) are sneaker heads that combine for over 10 years experience restoring and cleaning shoes from their Montreal based business 514 Restorations.

During our time cleaning/restoring shoes with 514 Restorations we've used all major sneaker cleaning brands on the market and are familiar with their strengths but more importantly their flaws. 

In 2019 we started discussing how we wish there was a perfect cleaner. One that would be as effective on suede as it was on leather, or one that condition as well as clean, or one that wouldn't fade color, the list goes on... Later on that year we started our search for a chemist who would be able to make our dreams a reality.

Eventually we found an experienced chemist who was up for the task. After multiple trials and tests we found the perfect solution we provide today. The solution is made of 100% organic ingredients and can be used on any material. 

We will start posting more blog posts that cover topics from cleaning tips to new shoe releases.

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